From Volatility to Stability,
Bidirectional Tokenization Model BTM.

Unveils a transformative approach to cryptocurrency. BTMs are brand-aligned assets that use a unique mathematical model to provide stable prices and continuous liquidity. This innovative model eliminates the risks of traditional crypto exchanges, offering a more reliable, bidirectional trading environment that empowers both value creators and their communities.


BTM: The World's First Growth-StableToken

BTM stands as a groundbreaking achievement in the realm of digital finance. As the inaugural growth-stable coin, it intertwines economic solidity with the ideals of sustainable progression. Dive into a currency experience where wealth preservation meets a vision for a greener tomorrow.

  • Stable Prices

    BTMs use a unique mathematical model to ensure stable token prices,
    reducing the volatility typically associated with cryptocurrency.

  • Continuous Liquidity

    BTMs provide constant liquidity,
    making it easy for participants to buy and sell tokens at any time without the usual risks of cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Empowering Value Creators

    By aligning tokens with specific brands or content creators,
    BTMs foster a mutualistic relationship between value creators and their communities, benefiting both parties.


Token creation is the process of creating and issuing digital tokens on a blockchain network. These tokens can be used for a variety of purposes, such as representing a digital asset, a utility within a decentralized application, or as a form of currency.

Revolutionizing Pricing

Harnessing the Power of the Square Root Function

"Harnessing the Power of the Square Root Function" Introduces a novel approach to calculating price using the power function \(P = S^0.5\). By leveraging the unique properties of square root relationships, this method offers a more intuitive and dynamic pricing strategy. As the supply increases, the price curve smoothly ascends, providing an optimal balance between price and demand, while eliminating the volatility typically associated with traditional pricing models.




  • Solana Network


"Give someone a dollar, and they will help you for a day. Give them tokenized ownership, and they will be on your side for a lifetime."







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